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How to recover deleted WeChat chat history on Apple 6

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.22 I don’t know if you have the same low hand condition as the editor, that is, you can directly delete WeChat chat records while chatting. First, because the phone memory is really not big enough, second, the accumulation of many chat records makes people feel uncomfortable. Comfortable, but sometimes what should I do if I delete important chat records? Today, the editor uses a piece of software to tell you how to reply. Methods/Steps Of course, the premise of recovery is that you have not cleared the WeChat cache. If the cache is deleted after the chat history is deleted, it cannot be recovered. 1 If it is not deleted, then we use an online cable to connect the phone to the computer, it is best to link after the upgrade, because this software sometimes does not recognize the lower system. At the same time open itunes. 2 The link is confirmed to be correct, then we start to download the required software, the software name is: Quick WeChat chat history recovery. This site does not provide downloads and URLs, please find them yourself. 3 At the same time, itunes must maintain the link because it needs to extract data from it. Open after downloading and installing, it will automatically connect to your mobile phone. 4 In the software, you can scan iTunes and Apple's mobile phone backup data through the scan option. This step is very important. It is recommended not to open other applications during the scanning process. 5 The scan results will be reflected on the right in the form of pictures, WeChat, contacts, and text messages. We can choose WeChat. 6 Then select the person to chat, and then look for the export button on the right to export and save the chat history. After saving, the work we have done is basically completed. 7 It's that simple, have you learned it? 8
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