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How to modify the flashing color of the notification light in Mi 4?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.18 The main function of the notification light is to flash when there is new information or missed calls, so that we know that there is new information when the screen is off. Usually the breathing light that the official set for us has only one color, in fact, it looks like For models like Mi 4, the color of the breathing light can be modified in the settings. With this function, we can learn whether there are missed calls, new messages, WeChat messages, etc. without turning on the screen. Method/Steps First, we find the setting in the menu, click to enter the setting interface, select the breathing light option (the breathing light is the notification light), and then modify the color. 1 After modifying the breathing light, it will be convenient for us to understand the importance of the new information, so as to consider whether to read it or not. 2
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