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How to install themes for Apple 6 without jailbreaking

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 07.06 when it comes to system beautification and theme installation, of course we can’t help but associate them with ''jailbreak''. Yes, in the previous IOS system, you need to jailbreak and beautify the system, and you really need to jailbreak , But iskin doesn’t need to be like this. Let’s take a look at the editor below and let’s take a look at how to install a theme you need. Method/Steps First, we need to access the official website of Iskin through the Safari browser that comes with the mobile phone, so that the theme can be installed. 1 The URL can be seen in the screenshot. Enter the URL and press Enter to see the official website of Iskin. There will be a big icon in the middle of the page to indicate it. 2 Since it is a foreign website, it is basically in English. After we enter, click to browse all themes to view the theme or style that we want. 3 After entering, all themes can be viewed by scrolling up or down. We choose a theme style we like and click on it. You can install it after clicking it. 4 Of course, you can choose which apps your theme is applied to, because the theme skins can be applied to your own APP. We drag it down and click on app icons. 5 After you click to enter, you can select the apps you need to apply. 6 After selecting the apps, and confirming that each has a name, drag it to the bottom and choose to install all the application skins. 7 The installation needs to wait a few seconds, we do not do other operations. 8 Then you will be asked to install a description file. Children's shoes who have used the master key may know this step. We can install it. This process requires network operation. 9 Return to safari 10 after the installation is complete. Next, you need to wait for the installation of the theme. After waiting, return to the main screen and you will find that your theme has been installed successfully. 11
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