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How to identify the quality of screen film, high-brightness transparent film-shenzhen protective film supplier

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-07
Tear off one corner of the protective film and sniff it close to your nose. If it is colorless, odorless or slightly aromatic, it means that it is electrostatic silicon ion; if it is pungent, it means that it is a chemical glue iron box film. Put it on the screen. It will be corrosive when it grows. A good screen protective film should not be a high-brightness transparent film, but a matte film that can prevent reflection. Although the transparency of the transparent film is 2.5%~3.5 higher than the same permeability of the matte film, it will increase the reflective and dazzling intensity of the screen. This affects the health of the eyes, especially those who wear glasses or use computers outdoors should choose carefully, and the matte film with AG matte surface treatment or AR anti-reflective surface treatment can effectively solve the glare and dazzling troubles. When we buy the film, we tear off the two sides of the protective film and approach the closed screen. If the reflection of the screen protective film is clearly visible, it is a transparent film. If it is faintly blurred, it is probably AG matte film or AR anti-reflective film. The true and false are all known. The surface is hardened with 4H crystal strength or 5H carbon crystal strength, so that no matter in daily life or busy work, the wear scar is still bright as new. Wipe back and forth several times on the surface of the protective film with a pure implement or cloth, and you will immediately know what type of product it is.
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