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How to hide notifications displayed on the lock screen on Samsung phones

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posted on 04.29, you can shop, chat, and trade on your smartphone now. In many cases, push messages or information from relatives and friends will be sent. At this time, if your phone is locked, and the default settings of the phone will directly display part of the information. What can I do to prevent this content from being displayed? I will share my experience with you. . Method/Steps First turn on the phone, find [Settings], and enter the setting interface. 1 In the [Settings] window, find the [Lock screen and security] function, and click to enter. 2 Scroll down to find [Notification], click to enter to change settings. 3 Click [Show notification on lock screen] in the first row. 4 Select [Hide Content] on the pop-up window. After setting, when the phone is in the locked screen state without any operation, there will be information, and [XX content is hidden] will always be displayed on the lock screen. 5 In addition, Samsung mobile phones now come with the default floating information function, that is, when there is information or WeChat, there will be a floating information prompt without interrupting the current operation in the full screen, and you can directly click to view it directly. 6 If you don't want the floating information function, then how to turn it off. First open [Settings], pull down to find [Floating Information], and click to enter the settings. 7 On the [Floating Information] setting page, click the upper right corner to turn off its function, and then you can. 8
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