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How to erase all data in iPhone 6

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.21 Everyone will inevitably sell or change the phone after using the iPhone. At this time, you will definitely think of clearing all the data, but not many people know how to clear the data on the iPhone, so let me let me down. Let me explain to you the specific steps to clear data on iPhone. Method/Steps First, we open the setting button 1 on the main screen and then click the general option in the setting. 2 On the 'General' option page, I swipe down the menu to find the 'Restore' option, and click to enter. 3 After entering, we will see that there are many settings in the 'Restore' option, here we choose 'Erase all content and settings' 4 Next, it will prompt 'All media and books will be deleted, and all settings will be restored.' We need to be cautious, because this operation cannot be restored. 5 Click 'Erase iPhone' to completely erase the data on our iPhone and restore it to the factory state. 6 If you need to restore your own data, it is best to make a backup in Itunes, so that you can link to the computer for restoration after deletion. 7
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