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How to enable the user option and USB debugging for Mi 5?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posted on 04.27 Friends who love to take pictures, the photos on the mobile phone will take up space, it is better to put the photos in the computer. To store the photos in the computer, you can use the data cable to enter the transfer-the developer option and USB debugging must be turned on on the mobile phone during transfer! Now let’s briefly introduce how to enable the enabler option and USB debugging for Mi 5. . Method/Steps First turn on the phone and find the setting button. Enter the setting interface as shown in Figure 1, and pull down to find the phone. As shown in Figure 2 Enter About Phone-Find the MIUI version. As shown in Figure 3, click the MIUI version 4 times or more, and it will pop up that you are in developer mode. Return to settings as shown in Figure 4, find other advanced settings, and enter other advanced settings. As shown in Figure 5, pull down to find the developer option. 6 Open the sender option and USB debugging-the mobile phone is connected to the computer, and the mobile phone will be automatically recognized so that files and pictures can be transferred. (If the mobile phone is not automatically recognized, manual installation may be required Look at the phone's driver). As shown in Figure 7
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