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How to enable fingerprint payment on WeChat

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.22 With the popularity of WeChat red envelopes and the emergence of WeChat business, WeChat Pay has become an indispensable payment tool in our lives. At the same time, the irritating password input for each payment will make our shopping and sharing inconvenient, so today I will tell you how to turn on the fingerprint payment function of WeChat. Method/Steps First, we find our WeChat software on the main screen and open it. 1 Then, at the bottom of the four option buttons, we open the last 'IA series of settings for change and payment methods. 3 After entering, we find the three small dots on the upper right. These are the setting buttons. Click to enter the general settings. 4 After clicking, a dialog box will pop up from the bottom, we select the 'payment management' option in the dialog box. 5 After entering, from the top to the fourth item, we will see the 'fingerprint payment' option we need to look for, this option It is the prerequisite for us to start fingerprint payment, but the premise is that the mobile phone has the function of fingerprint recognition. 6 Finally, enter the payment password we set before, which is the password we entered in the red envelope. After verification, the fingerprint payment will be activated. 7 It's that simple, have you learned it? 8
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