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How to downgrade Apple 6 IOS10

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.21 After the new release of IOS10, many small partners have upgraded their hands, but the new operating system must have many unnecessary bugs, but what do I need to do to return to IOS9.3? I will tell you the specific solution today. Methods/Steps Of course, the first step is to back up our data on the computer. 1 Then, download the system firmware that we need to lower, which is IOS9.3. 2 Link the device to Itunes 3 After entering the device details page, hold down the keyboard Shift key, if it is a MAC, then hold down alt 4 Click on the pop-up page Reply to iPhone' 5 Select the firmware that we have downloaded, and click 'Restore' 6 Just wait patiently. When the reply is complete, sync your device again 7
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