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How to delete custom emoticons on Apple 6 WeChat

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 07.05, we all know that WeChat can add emoticons by ourselves, but sometimes we will find that the emoticons added by ourselves suddenly cannot be added sometimes, because there is an upper limit for emoticons, so how do we manage to add them by ourselves? What's your face? Let's take a look today. Method/Steps First, we still find the WeChat button on the homepage, and then open it. 1 Then we see that there are four options below, we select the last one ''I2 After entering, the top is our WeChat avatar, we look down, we can find an option ''emoji3 After entering, you will come to the homepage of WeChat emoticon download. The bottom is the official WeChat emoticon. We don't care about it for the time being, and go directly to the small gear button on the upper right. 4 After we click to enter this option, we will see the WeChat emoticon, but the emoticons here are all downloaded from the official website, so we still haven't found them. 5 Continue to pull down, and you can see the emoticons you added. Look at the part marked by the red arrow in the picture, which is the management interface for adding emoticons by ourselves. 6 After entering, all the emoticons that have been downloaded by themselves are not available. In this way, we can organize, add or delete expressions through management. 7 Click the management button in the upper right corner, you will find that all emoticons become selectable. 8 Okay, then we select the emoticons we need to delete, and we can delete them directly, or not in accordance with the order. After deleting, will we find out that we can really add new emoticons again. 9
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