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How to customize screenshots on vivo phones for fun screenshots

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.09 When we encountered our favorite interface when using mobile phones, we always wanted to save it, and some traditional screenshot methods are nothing more than screenshots. So how does vivo phone customize screenshots? How to take pictures of the type you like? Xiaobian will teach you. Method/Steps First, put the interface of the phone on the interface you want to take a screenshot. Some time ago, a popular Korean drama 'Descendants of the Sun' was deeply loved by girls. The protagonist Song Zhongji is a master of teasing girls, and even the editor likes him. Today we will take a fragment from the play as an example of learning. 1 After selecting, we slide our finger up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the hidden mode below, and select [Super Screenshot]. 2 If not, then we can swipe to the right and click [. . . ] Generally, you can see the switches that are not added here. 3 At this time, the way you need to take a screenshot will pop up, then we select [趣味Screenshot] here. 4 At this time, there is a selection method for the screenshot below. Here, we will select [Graffiti Screenshot]. At this time, if you are using it for the first time, the system will show you how to take a screenshot. 5 Then on this screen, draw the area you want to take a screenshot. After Xiao Zhu circled the male god, he painted it solid. Be sure to paint it solid, otherwise only the area you scribbled will be cut out. 6 Click [Save]. At this time, you can see the captured screenshot on the drop-down screen. 7 Click. Then you can see our own custom intercepted pictures in the photo album. 8 This is so easy, isn't it easy? And graffiti can also be based on the mode you like. 9
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