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How to clear game data for Apple 6S

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.21 Apple 6S played data will have data in Game Center, so if we want to remove traces of these data, we have to go through the necessary operations. Today I will tell you how to transfer your game data Completely cleared. Method/Steps First, we open the Game Center Game Center 1 on the homepage, and then open the 'Game' button 2 at the bottom. After entering, we can see the records of the games we have played. Basically all the records are saved here, the games in the ipad There will be records too. 3 We see that if you want to delete the record, just hold down and swipe right. 4 After moving, click the red remove button, a dialog box will appear, click Remove 5 After clicking, the records will be completely deleted, and your own record rankings will be eliminated one by one. Of course, if you need to clear it, you can All records are deleted one by one. 6 It's that simple, have you learned it? 7
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