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How to check WIFI password on Huawei mobile phone

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posted on 04.28 In our daily life, we often ask for the WIFI password when we go to places with WIFI, but we usually use mobile phones to access the Internet, and we are not used to remembering passwords, and mobile phones are not as convenient as computers to check passwords! What should be done in this situation? The editor is here to share with you how to solve this problem. Whee. . Methods/Steps Find the [Backup] function that comes with Huawei mobile phones. PS: Usually the 'Backup' button is hidden in system tools. 1 Open the [Backup] function, and click [New Backup]. PS: Pay attention to turn off the function of 'Use password to protect backup data'. 2 Check [System Data]-[WLAN and Password]-[Start Backup], the backup will be completed soon. . . . . . 3 Open the SD card, find the HuaweiBackup folder, and then open the backupFiles folder, you can see the file 'wifiConfig.db' we just backed up. 4 In the backup file, rename the 'wifiConfig.db' file to 'wifiConfig.txt'. 5 Click 'wifiConfig.txt' and select an open method. Then in the text that appears, slowly search for the required WIFI password, and note that the WIFI name and password are both in quotation marks. 6
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