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How to check the data consumption of Apple 6

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 06.26 If we use third-party software, it is more convenient to check the traffic, but the only disadvantage is that if you install an app just to watch the traffic, it is unavoidable to be a bit wasteful, and it will appear to keep checking the traffic with text messages or phone calls. Very troublesome, so how should we use the phone itself to check the consumed data? Methods/Steps The mobile phone itself can query the data consumption, which has been implemented in IOS9.0, so let’s take a look today on how to check the data consumption. 1 The first step is of course to open the settings button on the home page. 2 After entering, we go down, under the wireless network, we will find an item called cellular mobile network, click to enter. 3 After entering, scroll down and you will see the amount of cellular mobile data. Here you can see the current traffic usage time and usage amount. The mobile phone's own statistics should be relatively accurate. 4 Next, we will see a lot of apps, there are open and close options on the right, then a closer look will find that how many MB or how many KB below are the data traffic consumed by this app. 5 According to the consumption of the app, we can choose to turn off the data flow of some apps here, so that it can only work in the wifi environment, especially the podcasts, app store, etc. that come with the Apple mobile phone. 6 Of course, some apps will definitely consume a lot of traffic, but they cannot be closed, such as WeChat or Alipay. If they are closed, we will not be able to receive messages or notifications of changes in our account, which will become inconvenient. 7 Well, it's that simple, have you learned it? 8
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