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How to change the SMS background and bubbles of Samsung W2016?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.24 You can set your favorite background and bubbles for Samsung W2016 SMS chat. The specific operation method is as follows. Follow the editor to learn more. Method/Steps Turn on the phone, and click the [Information] icon on the standby page. 1 After entering the information interface, we find [More] in the upper right corner and click to enter. 2 After clicking [More], a drop-down box will appear, with three options, we select [Settings]. 3 Enter the [Settings] interface, and then select the [Background and Bubbles] option. 4 Then, we can start to choose the bubbles we like. 5 Select the background you like (Note: You can also add pictures from the album). 6 When we finish all the steps, the effect is as shown in the figure below. 7
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