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How to cancel the system update prompt on HTC E8

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posted on 04.29 Recently, HTC E8 has a system update push again. Some children's shoes are unwilling to update, but there is no option to cancel the update in the system settings, so the push notification of the system update is always displayed in the notification bar, and as a forced For children’s shoes with symptoms, it’s like seeing a rival in love, hahahaha, just kidding. After researching, I finally found a way to turn off push notifications, and follow me to solve the problem. Method/Steps The system update push is always displayed in the notification bar. It doesn't look pleasing to the eye, but can't help it? OH NO, the solution is below. 1 First, turn on the phone to enter the main interface and open the 'Settings' option. 2 Enter the 'Settings' interface, swipe down to find the 'Applications' option. 3 Click 'Applications' to enter the 'Applications' list. 4 Then, swipe right three times to reach the list of all applications. 5 Find 'Update Program' in the list of all applications. This 'Update Program' is the software that prompts the system to update. 6 Click 'Update Program' to enter the program information introduction page. 7 Click the 'Forced Stop' button on this page, a prompt dialog box will pop up, just click OK. 8 After clicking 'Confirm9
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