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How to buy Huawei mate40? Tell you how I got it!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-06
The Mate40 series products of Huawei that have received much attention need to meet everyone quickly. According to statistics, the Mate40 series products in 2020 have very little inventory due to the processing chips. The first batch of goods is not many, and the sales will be very in short supply. Many bee pollen have already been pre-ordered for purchase in offline stores, so how can I grab the brand new Mate40?    How does Huawei rush to buy Mate40?    There are just a few ways to snap up purchases, such as official website booking, e-commerce platform booking, Scalpers, physical stores. It’s undoubtedly difficult to buy on the official website. The hot sales of Mate40 in 2020 cannot be saved, and it is undoubtedly harder to grab than Xiaomi mobile phones;    e-commerce platform basic original machine also has to be snapped up, the degree of difficulty is not inferior to the official website, but it is very likely to be Raise the price of 300~500 to buy the content version of the package, and attach some parts and accessories. It is also called the official website scalper;    scalper, it is estimated that the price will be raised 500~1000, and you have to be careful of being deceived;    physical stores, this is the most overlooked by everyone In fact, it’s best to buy it in the area of u200bu200bu200bu200bthe official website. If it is authorized by the official website, it can be booked. I just went to the surrounding Huawei experience store and asked about it. After the new product launch on the 21st, you can book early. On the 30th, China announced that it will be available for spot trading on the day or the next day, and only a deposit of 500 yuan must be paid.   There are several ways to rush to buy Mate40 series products. First of all, I recommend the official website or physical store to buy. The least highly recommended is to find a scalper to buy. Be sure to prevent being deceived.   Huawei’s Mate40 series product models are highly recommended:    2020’s Mate40 series products are compared to iPhone12 in all directions, and four versions will also be released, namely Huawei’s Mate40, Mate40Pro, Mate40Pro+ and its Mate40RS Maserati version.  According to the precise positioning of Huawei's past Mate30 and P40 models, most of the beginner's professional version is a very reduced version that lowers the market price, and it is extremely not strongly recommended to buy.   The most cost-effective is Pro. The basic system configuration is the same as that of Pro+ and co-branded models. The difference should be the shell materials and surveillance cameras.   Pro+ is an entity belonging to the show muscles. It is a combination of leading high-tech and leading raw material processing technology masters, and it is estimated that by the first quarter of 2020, it will be a dominant entity. The    joint model, the material will be more advanced than the super large cup, and the super sports car logo is shiny, this is not a rich person to look at it.   Therefore, as a general customer, I strongly recommend that you buy the Mate40Pro version. After all, the equipment and features are all placed there, and you will not suffer a big loss.
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