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How much is the 'Redmi phone'? Is it a smart phone? Buy Redmi for 799 yuan

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-09
The price of 799 yuan is a big shock, making domestic competitors uncomfortable. On August 1, the low-cost mobile phone brand 'Redmi' was released. Lei Jun said that this is a product for mass consumers and no longer mentions Xiaomi's 'fever' concept. Three years ago, Xiaomi was the most cost-effective product that earned a price of 2,000 yuan. Redmi is heading for the most cost-effective product within 1,000 yuan this time. However, the launch of Redmi and Xiaomi still follow the same path, which is cost-effective. In the end, how the product is doing, the overall experience is really good, there are several aspects:   1. Appearance and design This time the Redmi phone still does not have much design, but it is more beautiful than the Xiaomi first. The back cover has a certain curvature and is more comfortable to hold , The one-sentence summary is more than simple and generous, but not refined enough.  2, screen   The screen of the Redmi is a 4.7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280*720 pixels. This parameter is somewhat similar to that of the Nexus 4. It is very beautiful in terms of numbers. The inherent advantages of IPS, the viewing angle is also very good. Since it is not a fully-fitting screen, the distance between the pixels on the screen and the skin with the finger touch is far away. At the same time, the left and right borders of the screen are relatively wide. 3. The hardware Redmi uses the combination of MT6589T processor + 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM. MT6589T is an upgrade of MT6589. This product is launched for a thousand yuan quad-core smartphone. After adding T, the main frequency will be upgraded from 1.2GHz to 1.5. Ghz, the graphics processor is upgraded to 289MHz Power SGX544. It can be understood that this performance is equivalent to Qualcomm's mainstream dual-core processor, so it is sufficient.  4, take pictures   The photo performance of red rice is good, exceeding expectations, you can directly see the effect, and the color details are very good. Lei Jun said, using Samsung's 8 million pixel main camera assembly, F2.2 aperture, equivalent to 28mm wide-angle.  5. About the price    After the release of Redmi, the most discussed price is the price. Domestic manufacturers that have entered the world's top rankings also say that this price is difficult to achieve from the cost. Here I want to say 2 points, Xiaomi still makes money.  1) Like the Mi 1 generation, Redmi phones still have a sale interval, which is the 'future periodThe life cycle of Xiaomi products is relatively long. A while ago, I heard from a domestic manufacturer that the market life cycle of ordinary mobile phones from domestic manufacturers is only 3 to 4 months. Xiaomi can be sold for more than half a year. After minor changes, it will continue to be sold. The market life cycle is long. The more the volume, the more profit margin will increase even if the price remains the same in the future, so making money cannot be seen from this point. 2) A profitable ecosystem outside of Xiaomi's hardware has been established.
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