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How does Xiaobai tell the authenticity of a second-hand Apple mobile phone?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-24
Posted on 08.14 If you don’t have enough budget and want to buy an Apple mobile phone to experience it, buying a second-hand mobile phone is actually a good choice, but the second-hand mobile phone industry is deeply involved. How to judge the quality of the mobile phone when choosing? The editor will teach you how to easily distinguish the authenticity of a second-hand mobile phone. Method/Steps Click Settings-touch id and password, first check if there is an ID, and then test the fingerprint! Remember, fingerprints must be tested before they can be tested. Then test the WiFi function. After entering the WiFi interface, if the number of WiFi searched keeps changing, sometimes many and sometimes few, it means that there is a problem with the WiFi function. Finally enter the ringtone interface, press the volume + and-keys several times, and the mute key is also toggled up and down several times. There is no problem to enter the next step. 1 In the SMS interface, on a pure white background, bright spots, gray dots, and even hair and dust can be seen. This is a backlight problem, not a machine quality problem, and will not affect the use of the phone. Still in the SMS interface, after reading the white interface, pull down the status bar at the top, and then look at the gray interface. You can see abnormal dotted lines on this interface. If you don’t see the special color on this interface, then Continue to the next step. 2 Compass, first check whether the compass rotates normally, slide to the left if there is no problem, the white interface can be tested again, this mainly depends on the black interface, the black interface is used to see the crush, the external screen of your mobile phone is broken and I want to change the external screen At times, they always look at the black interface. If there are no other colors, go to the next step. 3 Voice memo, record a voice by yourself, listen to it in earpiece mode, remember to put your hand on the front camera to test whether the light sensitivity is normal, the screen is off to indicate OK, then the amplifier mode, listen again, the earpiece is no noise, and the amplifier is also If there is no noise, then you can go to the next step. 4 On the main interface, drag an application at will, follow the top-down order along the Z-shape, and then drag along the edge of the screen. If the wheel is applied in the middle, test the position of the wheel before continuing. The test is complete After that, if the application icon automatically returns to its original position, OK, and go to the next step. PS: This step is mainly to test the touch sensitivity of the screen. Don’t drag too fast. Focus on testing the edge and corner areas. If it is a model above 6S, then test whether the 3D touch function is OK. 5 Camera, front and rear cameras are tested Once, the normal display indicates that there is no problem, and the flash is also tested. Serial number and serial number (IMEI) serial number is what Xiaobai likes to ask about when buying a machine. These two are equivalent to the ID card of each iPhone. You can check the activation time and warranty time of the iPhone. For out-of-warranty machines, It doesn't make much sense. After you get the machine, check whether it matches the machine information in your hand. 6
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