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How can I make the battery of my mobile phone last longer?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.14 Nowadays, mobile phones have become a universal item. Almost everyone has one. The elderly have elderly phones (maybe some fashionable elderly use smart phones). Nowadays, many mobile phone batteries are not removable, such as Apple mobile phones, so once the battery is broken, it is a very troublesome thing. If you don’t want the battery life to determine the life of the phone, take a good look at this article Article, learn how to maintain the battery. Otherwise, you only have to choose maintenance! ! Methods/Steps Misunderstanding of mobile phone charging. 1. It takes more than 12 hours to charge the new phone for the first 3 times. 2. The battery of the new mobile phone should be used up and recharged. This is all aimed at the previous mobile phones, and the nickel battery has such characteristics. The lithium battery used now does not need to be like this at all, and it will be harmful to the battery. 1 The hazards of overcharging. Lithium battery mobile phones or chargers will automatically stop charging after the battery is fully charged. There is no so-called 'trickle' charging that lasts for more than 10 hours in nickel battery chargers. The long-term charging system automatically starts the 'discharge-charge' cycle. This approach is obviously harmful to the battery. Therefore, it must be controlled not to overcharge. 2 The hazards of excessive discharge. The number of charging and discharging of the battery is certain, so it needs to be fully charged. I often hear that, this method is actually just a method on nickel batteries. It is really poisonous. Statistics show that the discharge depth reaches 100% of the lithium battery scrap rate. Is 50%. 3 The correct approach. 1. Charging should not be too long, nor should it be too full, more than 90% of the power is the easiest. 2. Don't wait until the battery is exhausted before charging, it is best to start charging when the battery is about 10%. 3. It does not matter whether it is powered on or powered off. An idiom: Too much is not enough, too much or too little will have a lot of harm to the battery. 4 Other points to be noted. 1. Beware that the battery temperature is too high. 2. Be careful not to get the battery wet and cause a short circuit. 3. It is recommended to use slow charging, as fast charging is harmful to the battery. 5 Some old-brand mobile phones have older batteries and poor self-protection capabilities. You should pay more attention to charging and discharging in strict accordance with the standards. For example, the old-fashioned mobile phones have swollen batteries due to overcharge. You must pay attention to it. 6
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