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How are smartphones tracked? Long experience again!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posting on 09.18, some friends may not know that even if the mobile phone is not installed with the positioning software, it can be tracked, and even if the SIM card is removed, it is unavoidable. So, how are smart phones tracked? The following editor from will lead you to start from two aspects, one is the location of the phone, and second, why is it tracked if you just pull out the SIM card without turning it off. Methods/Steps Mobile phone positioning methods: 1. Base station positioning. The mobile phone needs to communicate with the base station in order to know the mobile phone (the base station needs the mobile phone to provide the unique identification code of the body) as long as you know which base station has contacted your mobile phone, your location is limited to a small range. The positioning accuracy of the base station is about several hundred meters. 1 Mobile phone positioning method: 2. GPS positioning. It can be accurate to within ten meters or even a few meters, and requires the support of the mobile phone hardware GPS template, which is available in current smart phones. 2 Mobile phone positioning method: 3. WiFi positioning. This is a new positioning method, because there are countless WiFi hotspots across the country (although we can hardly take advantage of these hotspots, they are 'selling' our location), as long as the automatic WiFi search function is turned on, the WiFi hotspots can be calculated Out-of-direction, multi-user indoor positioning, accuracy is also very accurate. 3 Why can I be tracked even if I just pull out the SIM card without turning it off? As long as the mobile phone is turned on, it will try to register to the network. To register the network, the base station must be contacted first, so that the base station will recognize the mobile phone and then judge whether there is a SIM card and whether it can be registered to the network. Without a SIM card, it is guaranteed that the phone cannot be found directly by monitoring the number, but as long as you investigate the ID of the phone associated with the number, you can find out where your phone was turned on. 4 It is worth mentioning that although the current ordinary mobile phones are not designed to connect to the Internet in the off state, many software can make them connect to the Internet even in the 'off' state. Because when you shut down, the software will fake the illusion of shutting down. In fact, without removing the battery, the phone is still on and the network is still connected. Therefore, if you want to avoid being tracked, you can only pull the battery out of the card. But today's mobile phone batteries are all non-removable, so it is quite difficult. 5
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