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How about iphone12? Let’s take a look at the experience of the first batch of iPhone 12 users!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-13
Now that the iPhone 12 series products have been announced for more than a week, these first batch of people who buy iPhone 12 want to come to the mobile phone that has already acquired their hearts and minds.  So, how does the brand new iPhone12 work? What are the unexpected surprises? Let's take a look at the experience of these first batch of customers who purchase iPhone12. The first thought of the packaging is that the packaging box is getting thinner and thinner. The iPhone claims that in order to better protect the environment, the iPhone no longer gives the charging head and mobile phone earphones. Therefore, the weight of the iPhone12 packaging box is significantly greater than before The third generation is much lower.   Tactile    The latest iPhone12 series adopts the beveled frame design of the iPhone5 period, but thanks to the development of industrial product design and production and processing, the beveled frame is completely flush with the display screen, basically without the cut touch of the iPhone5 period.   In addition, the latest iPhone12 series products are lighter in quality than the previous generation iPhone11, and feel much lighter when you hold them in your hand.   Surveillance camera    In 2020, the iPhone 12 surveillance camera has also undergone a regular upgrade. The hardware configuration level upgrade is not particularly large, but the upgrade of the mobile phone software optimization algorithm can bring customers a very vivid experience.   In the low light mode, the key points and colors of the photos taken by the iPhone 12 can be seen to be more significant changes. At the shooting video level, the iPhone claims to be able to shoot Dolby Vision videos, and the specific applications are indeed very good.  5G network  The full range of the latest iPhone12 series products are applicable to 5G networks, but due to the fact that 5G networks are still under construction in many areas at this stage, it is not possible to feel very different changes very well for the time being. Compared with the 5G network, when it is converted to the 4g network, it feels much faster. This should be attributed to the changes brought about by the iPhone’s upgrade of the communication baseband chip to the baseband chip of the Qualcomm chip. When applied to the 4g network, it is basically full speed.  Data signal   Customers who use iPhone have been suffering from data signal problems for a long time. This time, thanks to the communication baseband chip on mobile phones using Qualcomm chips, the data signal is still much better than the previous three generations of iPhone.   The iPhone 12 series products are all metal frames, and China's 5G network is still under construction. Therefore, for 5G data signals, the current feelings cannot completely indicate the problems, but the 4g data signals are significantly better than the previous three generations. There is no accident in the configuration of the mobile phone. The iPhone12 uses the A14 processing chip and 4gB of running memory, and the Pro series products have 8GB of running memory. The experience brought by this series of upgrades is only slightly better than the above. The experience on the first generation of mobile phones is not particularly remarkable.   But in the same situation of using the iOS14 system, you will feel that the iPhone 12 is better than the previous generation of mobile phones. It depends on whether the system will be improved along with the arbitrary hardware configuration.  When applying large and medium-sized mobile phone software or mobile games, or when using mobile phones to solve complex problems, you can clearly feel the sense of improvement brought by A14.  Rechargeable battery life   In terms of application, when the 5G network is turned on, the battery life of the iPhone 12 is significantly inferior to that of the iPhone 11 with the iOS13 system.   It may be the harm of 5G network and iOS14 system, coupled with the improvement of iPhone12 rechargeable battery series products, the endurance is in iPhone12. The main performance at this stage is not satisfactory. Let's see if the system upgrade can improve this problem afterwards.   But one more significant change is that the battery charging rate of iPhone 12 is higher than that of the previous three generations, which is likely to be related to this battery charging upgrade.  Optimizing the system   Naturally, this problem may not be completely a problem with the iPhone12. Because it is related to the iOS14 system, there are some problems with many mobile phone software on mobile phones using the iOS14 system.   Many apps are probably not yet compatible with the new iOS14 system. As a result, many mobile phone software has some compatibility issues or other abnormal problems during application. This post-upgrade should be dealt with.  Naturally, many of the problems in this are all experienced in the short-term, and long-term application after the fact should also produce some changes, and the upgrade and improvement of the system afterwards will also bring some changes.  For the network and data signal problems, this is likely to be related to the network construction and natural environment of each region, and the development trend of the network may also undergo relative changes.  So, what do you think about the latest iPhone12?
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