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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-01
The problem of residual glue of the protective film does not know how many users have headaches. Each time the residual glue is left, it has extremely bad effects on the product. To solve the problem of residual glue of the PET protective film once and for all, the most important thing is to It is very necessary to choose the right protective film varieties. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a protective film manufacturer with a large scale, a complete range of protective film types, and a stable supply. A degumming problem of PET protective film products is generally caused when the user has to tear off the PET protective film from the surface of the profile after the installation of the profile is completed. However, the protective film is also constantly performed. One of the glue is not accompanied by the protective film, but is left on a product of the profile.   This is the last result users want to see. It may be that the pressure glue used for a product of the protective film generally does not meet the requirements, but that is to say, it is relatively sticky. This will cause the protective film product to be peeled off, the external tension is greater than the internal vagina A situation of force, which remains on the profile. Generally, the PET protective film cannot be effectively peeled off. Generally, there are two possibilities. One is the sensitive adhesive used in the PET protective film product and the sensitive adhesive that is not dedicated to the protective film. However, the protective film is of course effective when it is pasted. It is also very good, but it is generally more difficult to peel off. This is also one of the most common problems of the protective film produced by some illegal protective film product manufacturers. There is also a possibility that the material used in the PET protective film master tape is too soft, of course, there is no way to withstand a pulling force during peeling, so that the phenomenon of breakage occurs during peeling. Generally, this is a very headache for users. One of the problems.
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