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Hot Air Gun Rework station - Quick2008

Hot Air Gun Rework station - Quick2008
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Product Description

The Hot Air Gun Rework station - 2008 is suitable for a variety of components, such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA (especially suitable for mobile phone line and row line of desoldering); Used for heat shrinkable, drying, in addition to the paint, in addition to the glue, thawing, preheating, welding, etc.

Hot Air Gun Rework station - Quick2008


● Model: Quick 2008

● Voltage: 110V, 220V.

● Plug types: US plug, EU plug, UK plug.

● Input: AC 220V/50HZ

● G.W.: 3 kg

● Power consumption: 700 w

● Noise level : less than 45db 

● Gas flow rate: 20-100 120 litres/minute.

● Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind

● Temperature control range: 100 ° C - 500 ° C

● Category: LED microcomputer digital display

● Handle component length: 120 cm

● Display form: LED digital (resolution 1 ° C)


● This small-sized heat gun welding rework soldering station is made of metal alloy, which makes it durable and space-saving.

● Large power and rapid heating. Temperature can be conveniently adjusted and the temperature is accurate and stable, and not affected by airflow.

● Stepless airflow adjusting with a wide range. Temperature can be conveniently adjusted.

● Sensitive electromagnetic inductor in handle ensures the unit beginning working immediately so long as the handle is held. When handle is put on the holder,

the system will return back to standby mode. Easy to use.

● Automatic cooling system can increase the life of heating element and protect the unit.

● Compact unit takes up little space on the workbench.

● With long life brushless blower and the noise is small.

● The accuracy of digital display temperature is up to +_1°. The sensor closes the loop, the zero passage trigger temperature control of the microcomputer,

LED display, big power, heating is rapid, accurate and stable temperature, not affected by the air volume, truly lead-free desoldering.

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