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Hello guys, i'd here to share my online shopping

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-12

I chated online with their customer service, she told me that they can provide a one-year guarantee for the product(That's the most important thing i concerned). So finally, i ordered two devices on that site. a 8 inch one with android 2.2 OS, and a 10 inch one with 2.1 OS.

I received my package on the next Tues( about a week's delivery). I opened and checked the two devices, The 8 inch apad android is perfect,but it seems the 10' one got a little problem with the touch screen. It's broken! definitely! I soon sent them a email followed with several pics and ask for a replacement. Thanks to their timely phone calls, i received the replacement within a week. Good service i should say!

So that's my experience for my Apad iRobot. BTW the android 2.2 OS on A8 can really run smoothly, and 2.1 is not so bad too, How about yours?

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