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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-28
A high-definition film or a frosted film is better. How much difference does the price of the film have? Many friends say that the film bought on the street for 3 yuan is the same as the one with more than 100 yuan. I can only say that if you have this idea. It means that you have not used films with different prices or have no time to test. The specifications of the high-priced films are very standard. 1. The matte mobile phone protective film (externally beautiful) Advantages: not easy to stain fingerprints, the same price matte film is more resistant than HD It feels smoother when you swipe the screen with your fingers. Disadvantages: The high-definition level of the iphone retina screen will decrease, and the resolution will be reduced. After using the matte film, fingerprints are usually not seen after the screen is locked. The appearance maintains a clean feeling for a long time, so it is called External beauty! Second, the high-definition mobile phone film (inner beauty) advantages: high-definition, full use of the advantages of the retina screen, the fineness is very good Disadvantages: easy to stick to the fingerprint film when using the mobile phone, the screen is very clear and very silky, but when the screen is locked It feels that the phone will be very dirty, so it is called inner beauty
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