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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-28
The functional characteristics of the laptop screen protector: This screen protector is made of Japanese-origin PET material, coated with a special protective film from a transparent polyester film (PET) with a thickness of 0.175mm, and then laminated with a transparent polyester film with a thickness of 0.025mm ( PET) release film, and another protective layer is laminated on the surface. It is composed of a three-layer structure and has outstanding technical parameters. It is currently the most advanced and excellent LCD screen protective film material! Note for laptop screen protective film: Make sure that the LCD screen is dusty before attaching the film, and your fingers should avoid contact with the veneer of the film when attaching the film to avoid leaving dust on the veneer. It is best to make sure to attach it once, so as not to leave it when attaching again. Dust. The latest generation of laptop-specific screen protectors are available in all sizes and models. The original imported PET protective film, the screen protector engages in radiation, a great domestic presentation!
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