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Hawaii, the tropical paradise, is friendlier to

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-30

Nearly 1.5 million people call the Hawaiian Islands home and almost 8 million people visited there last year to share breathtaking panoramas and to play in the sand and surf! It is, indeed, a tropical paradise where the beach and the ocean often dominate daily activities. While it is a perfect environment for people, it offers some serious challenges for cell phones and other portable electronic devices such as iPods, iPads and laptop computers. The lava dust, the sand and the salt water find their way into charge ports, earphone connectors and power buttons, just to name a few. One of the glitches in paradise is that sinking feeling that comes over you when you realize, as you are diving into the cool, refreshing water, that you forgot to take your cell phone or iPod out of your pocket! In today's world, we are highly dependent on our portable electronic devices and vacationing in Hawaii is no exception. What can we do when they don't work?

Replacement vs. Cell phone repair Hawaii

Today's smart phones are not only highly sophisticated but also very expensive. A new replacement for a phone you paid $200 for with a 2-year contract may actually cost you $800 or more! Some people still think new replacement is their only option and feel compelled to buy expensive insurance, knowing that they can't predict if or when a mishap may occur. The insurance adds to their monthly bill and when they do have a problem, they often have a high deductible to pay. Even worse, physical and liquid damage are often not covered! It only makes good sense to repair, rather than to replace, these devices. The cost is often less than the deductible and almost always less if you add the cost of the insurance premiums. Also, if you choose your repair shop wisely , you can get a 1-year warranty on the repair without even the need to keep your receipt! In cases where the damage is too severe, or the phone isn't worth the cost of the repair, you can often get an identical refurbished device or even an upgrade to a better phone, also with a full 1-year warranty, for considerably less the new replacement cost. The warranty is as good as the one that comes with a new device with no contract required and no strings attached. You may even get some in-store credit for your broken phone! Some stores will attempt a liquid-damage repair with no up-front labor fee so that if they don't succeed in getting your device up and running normally, you pay nothing. Unless you have plenty of money to spare, replacement vs. repair is a no-brainer!

Why cell phone repair Hawaii? Because it now has world-class repair service!

'Practice makes perfect'. Because 8 million tourists bring their cell phones and other portable electronic devices from every country on Earth, Hawaii is developing some of the fastest, most sophisticated and most reliable repair centers in the world, not only for cell phones, but also for tablet PC's/iPads, MP3 Players/iPods and laptop computers. With so many visitors to the islands, the demand is high for fast, reliable service and many common cell phones can be repaired while-you-wait or run a short errand. Other devices, depending on the availability of parts, can be repaired within 1-5 days. Even mail-in repairs sent from the mainland are usually back in their owners' hands within a week!

How to choose a repair center

Depending on what device you need repaired, do an Internet search for 'cell phone repair Hawaii', 'iPhone repair Hawaii', 'iPad repair Hawaii', 'iPod repair Hawaii', etc. Eliminate those that have no physical locations on the islands since they can only offer mail-in services. Find locations, when possible, near your hotel or condominium and check out the websites and the reviews, when they are available. Nothing gives more information than actually speaking to a customer service representative or a technician on the phone. Get an estimate for your repair and ask about the repair time and especially about the warranty. Ask about in-store credit, if the device cannot be repaired, and whether there are any refurbished replacements in stock.

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