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Has the price of the Nokia 210 increased? What is the price/performance ratio of the Nokia 210?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-09
Nokia’s “one trick” in the high-end market is the camera. Nokia’s latest flagship product, the Nokia Lumia 1020, is equipped with a staggering 38-megapixel camera. In the low-end market, Nokia’s “one trick” is brand and quality. . The official price of the Nokia 210 model is 559 yuan, but due to shortages and other reasons, the phone has been speculated to around 700 yuan. This is also a rare 'price increase' model that Nokia has in recent years.  Appearance   The first feeling of the front, the Founder's full keyboard design continues the style of Nokia's full keyboard models. Nokia's early candybar full keyboard model, the Nokia E61, also received wide acclaim for its Founder appearance. In terms of colors, Nokia officially provides the Nokia 210 with five colors, including black, white, blue, red, and yellow. Currently, Taobao sells mostly black, and other colors are in short supply, so you need to add nearly 200 yuan to purchase.   Keyboard    For the keyboard, the Nokia 210 is equipped with a full keyboard design, and two shortcut keys for Weibo and photo are set. The space bar on the full keyboard is set as a shortcut key for WIFI, and the sym key is set as a shortcut key for Bluetooth, which is convenient for users.   Body    The top of the body is occupied by a 2.4-inch screen with a screen resolution of 320*240, which is what we usually call Q screen. Q screen has the advantages of power saving and data saving (browsing web pages, watching online videos, etc.) for standby models. It can be concluded that these screens are still screens that were once mounted on models such as the N73. After tilting 35 degrees, the effect of 'anti-peeping' can basically be achieved.  Full keyboard design   Many users are attracted by the Nokia 210 full keyboard. If you think the full keyboard is very convenient in typing and other aspects, and it is more popular. Nokia 210 is a good product.   Camera On the top of the back, it is equipped with a 2 million pixel F/2.8 aperture camera. This camera does not support any focusing method. And there is no LED flash. Basically equivalent to the previous Nokia N81 produced in 2008, the camera is better than nothing.
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