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Hammer bullet SMS is on the Apple App Store

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
It’s worth mentioning that, unlike the alarm clocks, notes and other apps previously listed by Hammer Technology on the App Store, the developer of the bullet SMS App shows that it is not Hammer Technology, but a company called Beijing Kuairu Technology, and its public information is displayed quickly. Ru Technology was established in May 2018. It is a technology company with instant messaging software as its main business. Its office is located in Beijing. Kuairu Technology is committed to greatly improving communication efficiency with a more user-friendly interactive form. Its official website is, and there is only bullet messaging on it. The introduction of the official website shows that Bullet SMS is a very fast and efficient chat software. The perfect combination of voice and text allows you to reach your message as you like, powerful global floating ball, intimate later processing mechanism, convenient quote reply and many other optimizations. Features give you the most extreme chat experience. Some of the main features of Bullet SMS include later processing, quote reply, global floating ball, quick reply on list page, voice-to-text, etc. News, August 21, Hammer Technology launched a social software bullet messaging app at a press conference in Beijing on May 15. At the Nut Pro 2S conference last night, Luo Yonghao personally introduced the bullet messaging team, and The product demo was displayed. Currently, the web version of Bullet SMS is now available. The Android version has been launched on the Hammer App Store, Tencent App Store and the 360 u200bu200bmobile phone market, and the iOS version has also been launched on the App Store.
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