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Guangzhou LCD PET protective film, Guangzhou mobile phone protective film processing plant

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-05
Guangzhou mobile phone protective film processing plant-the materials are as follows: PP material, PVC material, PET material, AR material, PE material, OPP material and other materials. The PET protective film material does not have any adsorption capacity. Generally, glue is used to stick it. After tearing it off, it will leave a mark of glue on the screen, which will corrode the screen for a long time. The PVC material has a soft texture and is easy to paste, but this material is thicker and has poor light transmittance, making the screen look hazy. It will also leave glue marks on the screen after tearing it off. This kind of material is also easier to turn yellow and oil out with the change of temperature, and the service life is relatively short. PET material is currently the most common protective film material on the market. It is harder and more scratch-resistant. AR material is currently the best screen protector on the market. AR is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel is the adsorption layer, PET is the middle layer, and the outer layer is a special treatment layer. The special treatment layer is generally divided into two, AG treatment layer and HC treatment layer, and AG is anti-glare Processing, mobile phone protective film is used in this processing method. HC is hardness processing, which is the processing method used for high-transmittance protective film. The characteristics of this screen protective film are that the screen is not reflective, and the PET protective film has high light transmittance ( Above 95%), will not affect the display effect of the screen. PE mobile phone protective film-the raw material is LLDPE, which is relatively soft and has a certain degree of stretchability. The mobile phone protective film made of OPP is relatively close to the PET protective film in appearance. Its hardness is greater and it has a certain flame retardancy, but its adhesive effect is poor, and it is rarely used in the general market. The optical products of Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have strong advantages. The products are checked at various levels. Some of them have passed the certification of international authoritative units. The products of our factory can be OEM orders. Main business: notebook protective film; camera protective film; mobile phone protective film; screen protector; adapter ring; UV lens; wide-angle lens; teleconverter; computer bag; cleaning kit; cleaning cloth; digital camera bag; camera bag; shading Hood; telephoto lens; LCD protective film;
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