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Google believes in camera bonus, OnePlus 5/5T public beta version of Oxygen OS update

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-15
According to official sources, OnePlus's update this time is mainly to improve the sharpness of photographs and reduce the sense of imaged oil painting. This is a problem that OnePlus has always criticized by users, and this official update just reflects the official confidence in solving the problem. More importantly, this update brings users the Google Camera mode, which is extremely popular among geeks and enthusiasts.   Nowadays, manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the camera performance of mobile phones. The outsole, sapphire lens, anti-shake on hardware, and the coordination of software algorithms are also the content that mobile phones are rushing to optimize. After Honor added the AIS super night view function to its mobile phone through OTA, OnePlus is not to be outdone. In the public beta system of OnePlus 5/5T, there has been a major breakthrough and progress in the optimization of the camera.  Google Camera is a camera application developed by Google for its 'pro son' Pixel series phones. It uses powerful algorithms to achieve high purity and low noise 'HDR+' and is obsessed and 'faith' by geek enthusiasts. The effect of the Google Camera mode added by OnePlus this time is equivalent to using the Google Camera app.  Subsequently, the Google camera mode and optimized camera algorithm will gradually be adapted to the stable version of OnePlus 5/5T Oxygen OS.
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