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General introduction of surface protective film for signs, professional manufacturer of mobile phone protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-01
The special surface protective film for signs is made of special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the base material, a cross-linked acrylic resin as the adhesive, and processed by several special additives. It is soft in nature, good in adhesion, and easy to stick. It is easy to peel off and has no residual glue. The advantage of PE protective film is that the protected product is not polluted, corroded, scratched during production, transportation, storage and use, and protects the original smooth and shiny surface, thereby improving Product quality and market competitiveness. It can be used to protect the surface of all kinds of mirror objects: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy profile, plastic steel profile and doors and windows, aluminum composite panel, fluorocarbon plate, mirror Panels, sandwich color steel plates, fireproof panels, decorative panels, plexiglass panels, PS, PE, PVC panels, sun panels (polycarbonate panels), security doors, signs, coated glass, high-end furniture, high-end crafts, electrical cabinets, computer enclosures , Car lamps, floors, housings of household appliances, instruments and meters, various high-grade alloy ornaments and other products that need to be protected on the surface can be used. 1. Computer hardware products: computer case shell, galvanized sheet stamping, computer paint board, plastic injection molding, surface protection of printing and painting parts; 2. LCD photoelectric series: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight board, EL electroluminescent film, conductive Surface protection of membrane switches, touch screens, and color computer monitors; 3. Plastic injection products: ABS, PP injection products, PVC sheets, acrylic panels, instrument panels, plastic lenses; 4. Printing: PVC, PC, aluminum plates, Surface protection of metals and plastics such as copper plates; 5. Decorative plates: surface protection of stainless steel plates, aluminum alloys, aluminum curtain walls, titanium plates, plastic steel plates, Polaroid plates, ceramics, polyester plates and other products; 6. Clean room series: sticky Dust floor glue, sticky rollers, anti-static bags and other products; Specializing in the production of various PE electrostatic protective films, PE protective films, blue films, black and white films, transparent films, etc. Various protective films should be used: Products are suitable for protection, DVD , PDA, CRT, instrumentation, diffuser, light guide, reflector, Mandarin, smooth plastic shell, smooth plastic, metal mirror, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, aluminum plate, stainless steel, plastic steel profile, aluminum alloy, color steel plate, coating Board, glass, high-end furniture and other materials: PE material Function: Mainly used to prevent damage and scratches on the surface of the product during transportation, moving, installation, processing, etc. Features: stable quality, after tearing off the protective film , No glue drop, no residual glue on the surface of the object. High elongation and strong fracture resistance. This product can be processed with supplied materials, slitting, die-cutting, punching, and rewinding. The price is reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. Product features: 1: Japanese imported PET material, high-transmittance material; 2: the surface of the protective film is highly wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and the hardness reaches 3H~4H; 3: the protective film is treated with anti-ultraviolet rays to prevent UV damage to the LCD screen ;4: It can reduce the reflection by 90%, the light transmittance is 99%, the picture is clear and lifelike, and it is not easy to produce bubbles when filming; Function 1: Effectively prevent the LCD screen from scratching and abrasion; 2: The surface is anti-static, not easy to collect dust and be stained Dirt; 3: Using advanced coating technology, it is not easy to leave fingerprints when directly touched; 4: With special anti-reflection and glare functions, it eliminates 98% of the reflected light of the external environment and strong glare. Use method 1: Use fiber cloth to handle Try to remove fingerprints, dust, oil spots and dirt on the LCD screen; 2: Put the protective film on the LCD screen and determine the direction of the posting; 3: Use the removable sticker on the protective film to remove the label number 1 first. Tear off the type film; 4: Gently stick the protective film on the screen; 5: Then tear off the release film with label number 2.
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