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Fully transparent design! Shinejo launches super mobile power supply: 100W fast charge-mobile power ——Quick Technology (Media under Drivehome)-

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-31
At the beginning of 2021, Shineji revealed that it was developing an ultra-high-power mobile power supply at that time. This ultra-large capacity, ultra-high power, ultra-multiple gameplay, and multi-port output product is a battery life guarantee specially created for geeks. On June 16, at the Shineki new product launch conference, this product was officially released. It is the Shineki super mobile power bank. Founded in 2020, SHARGE is an industry-leading innovative enterprise for charging and energy storage products. Relying on advanced technology, precise demand insights, and excellent component partners, at the beginning of its establishment, the U.S. crowdfunding project planned by Shineji went online and exceeded $150,000 in sales. Today, Shine's comprehensive user satisfaction at home and abroad exceeds 98%, and it has won wide acclaim from users around the world. In just one year, it has become the leading brand in high-end gallium nitride sales in China. In the future, SHARGE will continue to devote itself to launching high-quality technology products such as personal energy storage, outdoor energy storage, high-power fast charging, etc., and become a pioneer brand on the road to carbon neutrality. Outline Overview The shape design of the bar-shaped transparent shell of Shine Super Mobile Power makes the internal PCB, chip and battery clearly visible, and the overall design is full of cyberpunk style. The front of the shell is equipped with a multifunctional IPS full-color display, and the yellow button next to it can switch functions and set and adjust mobile power parameters. Interface introduction The Shine Super mobile power supply is equipped with four interfaces, all of which are placed on the left panel, and are introduced carefully using yellow silk screen. USB-C1 two-way fast charge interface, supports two-way 100W PD fast charge. The output has five fixed voltages, 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V5A, and a set of PPS voltage subsets of 3.3-21V5A, suitable for most digital products on the market. The USB-A fast charge output interface supports three fixed voltage outputs of 5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A, and the maximum output power is 18W. It mainly provides fast charge requirements for low-power devices. USB-C2 fast charge output interface, support 30V PD fast charge output, with 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V2.5A / 15V2A four fixed voltages, and also with 3.3-11V3A / 3.3-16V2A two sets of PPS voltage subsets. In addition to the three common USB ports of 2C1A, DC wide two-way fast charge is also equipped with a DC two-way fast charge interface, the type is a very common 5.5/2.1 round head female socket, and the 3V-25.2V output can be set through the screen and buttons. , The maximum output current is 3A, which provides wide-range DC power supply for different devices. The interface also supports fast charge input function, 5-24V wide-range voltage input, and the maximum input current is 3A. The 2C1A1DC four-interface configuration of the Super Mobile Power Bank, and its 100W ultra-high-power PD fast charge and multiple interface configurations, can meet the different needs of users, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, notebook, or other low-voltage DC power supply equipment. Super mobile power can provide charging services for it with ease. The internal design of the battery cell can be seen in the product disassembly diagram provided by the official flash. The shell of the flash super mobile power supply adopts a geek-like transparent exploration version design. The interior is divided into two layers of structure, the upper PCB circuit board area It can provide powerful multi-channel conversion buck-boost function. The battery compartment at the bottom uses 8 A gauge 18650 cylindrical steel shell batteries supplied by Samsung's original factory, the model is INR18650-32E, the single cell capacity is 3200mAh, and the total capacity of the battery pack is 25600mAh. 8 batteries are packaged into a battery pack through 4S x 2 PACK, which is 4 strings and 2 parallel configuration, providing surging power for powerful performance. As a super mobile power supply specially created for geeks, the multi-function control screen is indispensable for playability. The Shine Super mobile power bank has an IPS full-color hard screen with a resolution of 240 x 135. The simple and intuitive UI can provide functional information such as current, voltage, power, battery status, remaining power, operating time, temperature, etc., and also provide users with Come to the convenient DC interface output setting experience. The overall design aims to provide users with an easy-to-use and fun multi-function operation interface. Direct boarding without formalities As early as 2014, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the relevant documents of the 'Announcement on the Provisions for Civil Aviation Passengers to Carry 'Power Banks'. It stipulates that power banks with a rated energy of no more than 100Wh can be boarded directly. The battery capacity of 100Wh is about 27000mAh, while the battery energy of the Lightning Super Power Bank is 93.5Wh, and its capacity is 25600mAh, which is lower than the upper limit stipulated by the Civil Aviation Administration. Passengers can bring the Lightning Super Power Bank on board legally without advance. Go through any formalities. The measurements are different from most of the large-capacity power banks in the shape of bricks on the market. The Super Mobile Power Bank is designed with a slender cylindrical shape. The measurements are 151mm X 59mm X 46mm, the weight is 579g, and the volume is the same as a can of 330ml tins. Coke is close, much smaller than the common large-capacity power banks on the market. Huantai Crowdfunding Shine Super Power Bank Basic Edition started crowdfunding in OPPO Huantai Mall. The product is priced at 1,299 yuan. It is currently accepting reservations. The final price is 999 yuan. Interested friends can go to Huantai Mall APP car. Car link: Click my Tmall pre-sale of the Shine Super Power Bank Deluxe Edition is currently only available for pre-sale in Tmall's official flagship store. Compared with the basic version, the Deluxe Edition adds the latest Shine pole 100W Pro version of the gallium nitride charger. , The deluxe version is priced at 1598 yuan, and now the pre-sale price is only 1298 yuan. Link to the car: click me
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