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Fruit powder welfare: iPhone 12 or launch a small screen? 5.4-inch screen, affordable

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-05
The small screen version of the iPhone 12 is equipped with a 5.4-inch LCD screen. In addition to its smaller size, it is not much different from the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 in appearance and kernel configuration. The most important thing is that the price may be the lowest one. IPhone12. With the rapid development of technology, the replacement of smart phones is getting faster and faster. In the past ten years, in addition to continuous updates and advancements in functions, smart phones have also been constantly changing in appearance. The most intuitive change in appearance is the change in the size of the mobile phone. From the earliest keyboard machine to the current touch-screen mobile phone, the size is getting larger and larger, from 3 inches to 4 inches, and the starting point is 6 inches from 5 inches. Not long ago, Huawei Honor released a 7-inch mobile phone. It has to be said that with the popularization of large-screen mobile phones, the share of small-screen mobile phones in the mobile phone market is becoming less and less. So how small is a small-screen phone now? Huawei P40 is called a 'small screen mobile phoneIt seems small when compared. However, even if it is a small-screen mobile phone, the Huawei P40 series is still Huawei's top flagship mobile phone. The performance and appearance of the mobile phone are the highest level of the current domestic Android phones, especially when it comes to taking pictures, it is even comparable to the two giants Apple and Samsung. And when it comes to the most advocating small-screen mobile phones than Apple. Apple released a 4-inch iPhone SE2 at the beginning of this year, and with this phone, it won the hearts of 'small screen enthusiasts' users, and once achieved very good sales results. According to related news, among the several models that Apple will release in September, there will also be a 'small screen phoneIPhone12. And this time the small-screen version of iPhone 12 is equipped with a 5.4-inch LCD screen. In fact, apart from the smaller size, there is not much difference in appearance compared with the 6.1-inch iPhone12. And there is no change in the kernel configuration. It is also equipped with the strongest A14 processor on the market and is plugged in with Qualcomm's X60 baseband. The performance and communication will be stronger than iPhone11. It is worth mentioning that the A14 processor will be a 5nm process chip, while supporting 5G networks, which will greatly improve performance and power consumption control. Although the iPhone 12 has made a qualitative leap in communication and performance, battery life has always been a major problem with the iPhone 12. However, the power consumption of the iPhone 12 has also been reduced under the A14 processor, so the battery life has also been improved. What do you think about the small screen iPhone12? Everyone needs mobile phone home repair service requirements, remember to find Xiaoshan (lightning repair-professional Apple mobile phone home repair service platform), fast, high quality, good service, a platform worthy of your trust!
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