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Friends, you have seen LCD monitor? Both NB, Desktop

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-09

A few days ago I had the honor to accept the invitation to visit BenQ, the world's third largest TFT- lcd display moduleplant in Suzhou AU Optronics product line, on the LCD liquid crystal panel 'assembled' a certain understanding of the process, in which the author described, if not properly between the reader and expert criticism. The so-called 'module' plant ( LCM ) liquid crystal display is the 'backend' production process, by definition, the word module is the module portfolio, which consists of three steps first: the LCD panel LCD products (Cell), different direction conductive adhesive (ACF), driver IC, flexible circuit board (FPC) and PCB circuit board using lamination machine (during the period required to Lao Zi after alchemy furnace temperature and pressure can be trained eyes that:)

Step Two: The next and back light, light source, together frame assembly of finished products of iron;

The third step: the aging treatment, after heavy testing is what we see, 'the LCD panel.' In short, compared to fifth-generation panel plant that sky-high price of investment (tens of billions of dollars), covers an area of stunning (at least five pitches) and the need for numerous sophisticated equipment (all in the United States embargo on the mainland column), the module factory in technology, scale is also trivial, but to personally enter the clean room is a great joy, before entering the shop, bathing is not self-cultivation, but all electronic devices including digital cameras and mobile phones need to be all shot. in with a picture showing the entire production process, we first take a look at the LCD panel works now, which can deepen our understanding of the plant.

TFT-LCD liquid crystal display LCD screen is the principle of the circuit through the formation of silica glass electric field to drive the liquid crystal between glass and filter elements, in natural conditions were arranged in parallel side by side, when the circuit on the liquid crystal layer applied electric field, liquid crystal molecules tilt in different directions, then the role of liquid crystal similar to the switch allows light to pass through, so that the liquid crystal layer to form a different light effects, so as to achieve the purpose of showing different images.

Well, with this basis, we look first of all along the production process, in the manufacturing process, assembly area and packing area needed 'human' cost is considerable, so no wonder that Taiwan as a modular part of the mainland have preferred - - In addition to close to the customer that they can be greatly reduced cost.

Detail the production process

Anisotropic conductive adhesive first (ACF) attached: Anisotropic conductive adhesive used (which can be viewed as a double-sided adhesive) Cell adhesion between the IC and provide turn-on and adhesive function; followed by the integrated circuits (IC ) pressure collaboration industry, the purpose of the panel lines with the IC circuit conduction through the conductive particles in order to achieve the purpose of the current signal flow.

Next is the flexible circuit board (FPC) Industry co-operation pressure: FPC is a flexible printed board, the role of the signal from the connection, after this step we can make the panels laminated FPC line by line and conductive particles in order to successfully connect the signal conduction .

The final step is the integrated circuit board lamination (PCBA) Lamination, through the steps that we can achieve two purposes, one can make the FPC and the PCB circuit conduction through the conductive particles, so that the current signal flow, and the second is the machine Pressing provide a certain temperature and pressure by controlling the pressing time, AFC can be hardened at a high temperature polymer and two different materials together to provide adequate work intensity.

Aging of the next test will be carried out, this is a 'bathtub curve', it can advance to fault exposure, through is unlikely in the life of a problem. , J2 7 b8 h * G 'k

Aging test area automated warehousing system, why automate it? Mainly because of efficiency considerations, in addition to the LCD panel is thin, the slightest mistake will be broken out, so using automated equipment to improve yields.

Although the artificial ingredients assembled products accounted for more, but the aging test is mainly machinery and equipment, staff monitoring based. lcd display panel on the aging of the furnace but also regular manual inspections. The figure is the rows of aging furnace, like Lao Zi's alchemy furnace.

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