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Five useful tips for Apple iOS 10

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posted on 09.23 Apple officially announced the latest iOS 10 mobile operating system, the most significant iOS version ever. Those who have bought iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus or upgraded to iOS 10 must all want to know what is the difference between Apple’s iOS 10 and previous operating systems. Now the editor of will summarize the five practical aspects of Apple’s iOS 10. Skills, let's get to know them together. Method/Step Map: 'Find my car'. Siri is on iOS10, and now it can make more in-depth use of the iPhone's built-in sensors. For example, when you drive your car to park at a certain place and get off and walk, Siri will automatically mark where you got off, which is equivalent to telling you where to park. Then the system will send you a notification of the marked location and add it to the map. 1 Control center: the brightness of the flashlight is graded. The control center is a function designed for shortcuts introduced in iOS 7, and there is a small tool that you like to see, that is, the flashlight. However, there were only two ways to turn on and off the flashlight before, and the brightness of the flash was only one level. On the new iOS10 system, the brightness of the flash has been supported with three options, low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity. On the flashlight icon in the control center, as long as you use the 3D Touch pressure-sensitive operation, the corresponding menu will appear. 2 Camera: The music can continue to play eventually. Among the iOS versions that have been released so far, one thing that makes users feel more headache is that during the process of listening to a song, every time the camera suddenly turns on and wants to shoot something, the music automatically pauses. But there will be changes on iOS10. You can take photos of friends while listening to songs, and look for angles and inspirations for taking photos while listening to music. The system will not interfere with your listening to music, including recording videos. 3 Mail: Unsubscribe is easier. Apple has not redesigned or revised the mail application of the iOS10 system, but it includes a new and practical function. On iOS10, when you receive an unsubscribed email in your mailbox list, you don’t need to scroll down to find the unsubscribe button in the email, the email will be automatically generated and the unsubscribe will be placed on the top. . 4 Music: Optimize storage space. For many users who use their lives to maintain the 16GB storage version of the iPhone, this is good news. In iOS10, a new setting has been added to allow users to optimize storage. What is the optimization method? In fact, when the storage capacity becomes low, iOS10 will automatically delete the songs in Apple Music that you have not listened to for a long time. Of course, you can set the minimum storage space for the specified music download. 5
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