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Fatal iPhone loophole! In just one millisecond, all privacy will be exposed! Will it cause sexual harassment?

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-03
I wonder if you have used the AirDrop function of Apple mobile phones? The Chinese name of this feature is 'Airdrop DeliveryI wonder if you have used the AirDrop function of Apple mobile phones? The Chinese name of this feature is 'Airdrop DeliveryBecause Xiaoshan usually transfers videos and files, he often uses this function, and I always find this function very useful. It was only recently that it was known that the AirDrop function had a major vulnerability! The thing is, the AirDrop function is not open to non-contacts by default, but if the user does not close it in time after opening the permissions, then pictures or files sent by strangers can be received. At the beginning, some people will use it to post all kinds of weird pictures to 'mouse' strangers. Others have developed other unexpected features. There are even those who completed the dating software with AirDrop and finally successfully found the object! Although AirDrop has these new and interesting ways to change the screen on iPhone, what I want to say is that this feature also has two major drawbacks! According to foreign media news, the AirDrop function may be used by hackers to launch attacks to obtain information such as the phone number and email address of the owner. A researcher from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany pointed out that when a user activates the AirDrop function, Apple will transmit the user's phone number and email address in encrypted form to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range to detect nearby devices that can be connected. If the user and another device are successfully matched through AirDrop, the two parties will exchange complete encrypted information of phone and email messages. In other words, if the user opens the AirDrop permission for unfamiliar visitors, the hacker can intercept the encrypted information and crack it, thereby obtaining a large amount of personal information of the user. Researchers tested this vulnerability in AirDrop in public, and found that other people's phone numbers can be obtained in just one millisecond, and other information such as emails takes more time to crack, but it can be completed within two minutes. . Until now, Apple has not fixed this vulnerability. The above shortcomings are actually good, after all, the difficulty of stealing information is still relatively high. But the following evil acts have almost no threshold. That is to use AirDrop to sexually harass others. In Japan, a new type of mobster, AirDrop moron, has appeared in Japan for the last two years. Simply put, it is to use the AirDrop function to send pornographic pictures to the women around, and then observe their reactions to satisfy their gloomy psychology. And this kind of behavior is difficult to obtain evidence, because most of these AirDrop idiots choose to cooperate in public cases, and it is too simple to modify the AirDrop ID, which makes it difficult for the police to locate the perpetrator. Not only in Japan, but in Europe and the United States, many women have reported that they have been harassed in public through AirDrop. The suspects have sent them a large number of yellow pictures through this feature of Apple. Due to the frequency of such crimes, many New York City councillors jointly proposed that criminals who conduct undifferentiated sexual harassment through AirDrop will face a maximum of one year in prison and a maximum fine of 1,000 US dollars (approximately RMB 6,961). Of course, there are similar incidents in China. According to the Qianjiang Evening News, a woman said that she received a picture of a naked man with a QR code business card in a subway station, and there were some indecent text in the picture. Soon, the Hangzhou police arrested the suspect who used AirDrop to post pornographic pictures in the subway and sentenced them to administrative detention for 15 days. So, everyone should be cautious when using AirDrop and don't turn it on when not in use. Finally, Xiao Shan is teaching you how to turn off Apple's AirDrop function. Just pull down the control switch interface, press and hold the network section in the upper left corner, click AirDrop, and choose to receive close or contact only.
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