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Factory direct supply PE protective film, high transparent PE electrostatic protective film, Dongguan protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-08
Degumming is relatively common for many films or glues, and it is also common for the protective film of aluminum composite panel to degummed. This kind of phenomenon means that there is a problem in the quality of the product, and the bad phenomenon of degumming will occur. Then How can we effectively prevent the degumming of the protective film on the aluminum-plastic panel? Under normal circumstances, when we are bonding the protective film of the aluminum-plastic panel, when it is peeled off from the surface of the profile, the protective film appears to be glued instead of peeling off the protective film directly. It remains on the surface of the profile. This is the phenomenon that we least want to see during the pasting process. Basically, the protective film is unqualified on the pressure glue, but it still has a certain viscosity, otherwise it will be more difficult to peel off the surface of the protective film and the pasted profile. Therefore, the protective film for aluminum-plastic panels That said, we should choose a stronger internal stress. The protective film directly remaining on the profile makes it difficult to peel off the protective film of the aluminum-plastic plate. There are two common situations. One is that the sensitive adhesive used in the protective film of the aluminum-plastic plate is not special, but the adhesive is pasted. The effect is still relatively good, but it will be relatively difficult to peel off. The other is that the aluminum-plastic plate protective film has a soft texture in the application of the master tape, so there is no way to withstand the peeling force well, resulting in the undesirable phenomenon of cracking during the peeling process, and this is not a problem for users. It is said that it will be very difficult, it should not be able to clean the residual glue well, and the effect of use cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the most important thing we need to pay attention to is the various situations that may occur during the entire production process of the aluminum-plastic panel protective film, because during production, special attention must be paid to the control and adjustment, otherwise the above mentioned The undesirable phenomenon of, brings more trouble to normal use.
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