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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-08
What is a hydrogel in the mobile phone protective film industry? The hydraulic film is a honeycomb structure with super toughness TPU material. Plays a role in anti-falling, explosion-proof and a certain buffer against the collision of sharp materials. It is an innovative product. What are the film characteristics of the hydraulic film? 1. The biggest feature of the hydraulic film is that it can be attached to the mobile phone 360°, which is especially suitable for curved mobile phones. Because the hydraulic film is made of acrylic glue, the viscosity is above 1200G. Then the stickiness is strong, it is not easy to warp the edge, and it is not sticky. 2. The method of attaching the hydraulic film is not like ordinary tempered film. It needs to spray a special hydraulic agent to stimulate the glue, so that it can freely fix the hole position of the mobile phone on the screen. The film is not damaged but can be accurate and perfect. Attach the protective film of the mobile phone. 3. The hydraulic membrane is made of high-temperature ion exchange technology, which is hydrophobic and oleophobic, and the surface is very smooth, giving people a good touch screen feel. Fourth, a good hydraulic film is also very thin, the thinnest is only 0.15mm in thickness, and the light transmittance is also good, with a light transmittance of more than 95%.
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