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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-07
As for the viscosity of the protective film, there is currently no international standard. The viscosity of this protective film is generally set by the company itself. The more reference value is probably the classification of micro-viscosity, low-viscosity, medium-viscosity, and high-viscosity. The micro viscosity is 0.02~0.1N, the low viscosity is 0.1~1N, and the medium viscosity is 1~2N, and the high viscosity is 2~6N, but this is not always the case. Regarding the choice of protective film viscosity, its basic principle is that the viscosity is appropriate. In layman's terms, it is because different surfaces require different viscosity. In this way, we can observe the viscosity rising speed according to the difference of the surface and pressure. In this case, we need to leave the protective film for a long enough time before peeling it off, so that we can determine whether the adhesiveness of the protective film is appropriate. We need to know that regarding the protective film, it uses a rubber or acrylic protective film, and the effects of the two are different. In this case, the rubber is relatively soft, but for acrylic, it is relatively hard. Therefore, when choosing, we generally consider the rubber-type protective film first, and then the acrylic-type protective film. For our actual processing, given a surface, at this time we have to choose the appropriate glue and viscosity. Here, we should pay attention to the low-viscosity protective film if the surface of the protective film is smooth, and the medium-viscosity protective film for the medium rough surface. Finally, for the very rough surface of the protective film, we chose a high-viscosity protective film, which has a viscosity of 1.5N/cm. Here, there is one more thing we should pay attention to. When laser cutting is to be performed, we need to know that the protective film shrinks due to heat. At this time, we should choose a protective film with super high viscosity for pasting. Its viscosity is 1.9N/cm.
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