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Experience IOS10.0

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Post on 08.19 to experience IOS10.0 methods/steps Now the sixth version of IOS10.0 has been released. The functions are basically complete, and there are no major bugs. Friends who like to play with devices can try to update. First install the two software, connect the phone to the computer through the data cable, the computer will automatically install the driver. Open Aisi Assistant and follow the prompts to click Trust on the phone. Click to flash jailbreak and download the 10.0beta6 firmware. After the download is complete, be sure to check 'Retain the data flashing'. Basically, you can keep the data flashing. If you have important files on your phone, it is better to back it up to the computer in advance. , And then click 'Refresh now' and wait for the update of the mobile phone to complete. After the mobile is turned on, enter the password and ID password to verify the activation. After activation, you can experience the new version of the system. After personal experience, the reaction is faster and many new features have been added. Personally, I feel that the biggest and most practical change is a short feature. 1
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