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Except for the screen protection for the protection

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-11

So in order to better protect iPhone 4S in hand, an appropriate shielding case is indispensable. There are three common protection cases on market: back cases, wallet cases and iPhone 4S bumpers.

iPhone 4S back case generally adopts the one body design, which can cover the whole phone except the screen. It has holes for the key of the power and cameras. It is convenient to operate the buttons. Because of the whole protective case is attached on the mobile phone not like the bag which needs taking out again and again.

It is very convenient to use. But the weakness of the back case is that it does not protect the screen better and has a slight effect on the heat dissipation. At the same time it slightly increases the thickness of the mobile phone.

As a mobile phone case, wallet case has existed for a long time. The earliest cell phone protection cases are the wallet cases. At that time, people used to put a wallet leather case on the waist convenient for removing.

With the launch of the touch screen cell phone, the wallet cases also transform into directly opening style. Most iPhone 4S wallet cases similarly adopt the design. This folding case would not only protect the cell phone back part, but also protect the screen.

Of course, there is also some inconvenience that you need to open the case before taking on and operating the cell phone. And the entire mobile phone package is against heat dissipation, especially after the long time of playing games.

Bumper of iPhone 4S is a little like the signal circle. The subsequent design comes from this inspiration. Maybe, Apple doesn't think that the signal problem can promote a new product emergence. This iPhone 4S bumper only protects four sides of the cell phone.

Due to the bumper thickness is slightly greater than mobile phones; the bumper can protect the screen and back glass. Thanks to no obstruction from front to behind, heat dissipation feature is better than the previous two. The drawback of this protective shells is unable to protect the screen and back of the cell phone when cell phone falling.

The choice of cell phone cases is depends on personal needs. Because each protective shell has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally more users tend to choose the cell phone back case due to the conventional design.

To this, we are more likely to recommend back cases, no matter in the mobile protection or the heat dissipation, the back case is relatively a more eclectic choice to care for every aspect.

If you are afraid of increasing the thickness of the cell phone, you can choose to buy the ultra-thin cases. Some cases adopt the honey hole design to raise the heat dissipation function. If you especially careful about the safety of cellular phones, you should choose the wallet cases. For people who pursuing the individuality, the bumper is a suitable choice.

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