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by:YoukingTech     2021-07-13

I have an iPad before but it broke. Looking for something better and efficient, I tried to look for ways on how to replace, or at least get the most out of, my broken iPad. I'd like to share a few tips in selling your iPad online.

Selling your iPad 101

Selling your iPad online is actually possible and convenient. Going online is a pretty good way to spare yourself the time, effort and risk in doing personal transactions. Why put up with the hassle of driving from one place to other to meet prospective buyers who will use every bit of their energy to mark down your asking price? Why take the risk in meeting strangers who could land you in Medical Detectives? Crooks out there come in different shapes and sizes.

I hope that the tips I've listed below will make selling your iPad easier

Selling your iPad Tip #1

Log on to This site comes in handy as it will cut down your waiting time to maybe 1/10! How about that? In selling your iPad online, you are only required to sit in front of a computer and a few clicks here and there. . provides reliable online transactions. You don't have to know nuclear science to finish the transaction process because asking you mind-blogging questions isn't part of company policy. Surprisingly, the navigation page was neat and dummy friendly.

Selling your iPad to these guys is safe. Their various certifications will guarantee you that. The site is a member of 'Verisign Secured Seal Program' - an industry leader in SSL Encryption. It's also verified by website regulators like TRUSTe, and BBB (Better Business Bureau) - an authority that certify the authenticity of the companies owning the sites. Before selling your iPad to any site, make sure they comply with site regulators.

Selling your iPad Tip #2

After logging in to, you are given a brief but understandable overview of the entire transaction process. At this point, you can already request for a quote in 3 easy steps. You get your quote pronto.

Selling your iPad Tip #3

Before selling your iPad, you have to specify your model. It'll also be extremely helpful if you are going to provide and objective assessment on the condition of your device. Do you get bombarded with highly technical questions? Definitely not! In fact you only need to pick one out of 4 options: 'powers on and works fine', 'bad battery', 'cracked or defective screen' and 'doesn't power on'. Easy as a pie!

To get a realistic amount for your iPad, try to be as accurate as possible when indicating the current condition of your gadget. This is one way of making sure that you and the technical guy that will assess your unit will be on the same page. Saves you the disappointment really.

Selling your iPad Tip #4

Shortly after providing all the necessary information, you will be notified by phone or email for the confirmation for the deal. Once it is all a-okay, a pre-paid box will be delivered to your mailing address. It's where you will put your iPad and secure it for shipping. It's the company that covers the cost of the box and the shipping fees. I mean, selling your iPad can' get easier that this right? All you have to do is drop by the nearest UPS office ASAP.As soon as receives your unit, they'll give you a ring or send you an email. As soon as you agree to the terms, they will send you a check by mail or load the cash in your PayPal account. I'd say you go for PayPal as it doesn't eat any of your time.

Be a smart seller and an equally smart buyer. Look for potential values in things which you thought were useless. Find ways to turn trash into treasure! Sell your iPad and reap the benefits. I sure hope that the tips I gave will guide you in selling your iPad online. Check out and see for yourself.

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