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Everyone think their iphone 5 worth the price,

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-05

Let's see, if your iphone 5's screen cracks and needs to be replaced, which is not covered by the limited hardware warranty by the way, how much would Apple charge you? If you have AppleCare Plus, Apple would charge $49 plus tax. If you do not have Applecare Plus, it would be the Out of Warranty service fee of $229 plus tax. Does it sound worth to you? And if you go to a third-party shop to get it fixed, many shops are not willing to repair it because of the high costs of parts, and others charge not less than Apple, some may higher.

So why the repair cost of iphone 5 is so incredibly high? A report said it's because Apple controls quite tight on the replacement parts. Nevertheless, there's good news lately. Apple has begun replacing iPhone 5 screens at its retail locations in order to lower the repair costs. The new display replacement service is priced at $149 and can be purchased with or without AppleCare+.

Actually, there're better ways to lower your iphone 5 fix cost - get the repair parts online and then get it fixed. For example, you got a cracked-screen iphone 5, just buy an replacement screen display off internet and then get it fixed. By this way you can at least save 50 bucks. And note that you better buy the repair parts from a serious company like china wholesaler TVC Mall instead of ebay. As everyone knows, iphones are assembled in China. And most of the replacement parts are also manufactured in china, so why not buy it directly from china and save your money?!

Take TVC Mall as an example, the iphone 5 parts are placed in an individual category. Besides the screen display, you can find other parts too, such as the full housing or faceplate or antenna or home button. The best part is, you can not only get parts exactly the same as the original parts, but also colorful ones with different designs and colors to make your iphone unique or better. So if you get a cracked iphone, think about it before you rush into an Apple store.

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