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by:YoukingTech     2021-06-23

one particular piece of advice I have received when it comes to buying a warranty is to evaluate the piece and your budget.If you are a starving student,the extended warranty might really be worth it.If you have extra money to spare on replacement parts,then it might not and you could take the risk.Cell phone insurance can be treated the same way.Consider these questions.How much would a replacement item cost you? Whether it is a calculator,a Blu-Ray player,GPS unit or 3D Tv,what would the replacement price be if the worst happened?With that price in mind,think about how you would be able to cover that cost?If you have the free-with-contract phone,then cell phone insurance is probably not for you.

If it would be hard to save up another $140 for a new calculator if this one broke and you crucially need it for classes,then consider an extended warranty.If you have plenty to cover a new calculator,then consider saving your money on the warranty and taking the risk on any complications.As the electronics we are talking about get more expensive,the question can be more difficult,but this principle helps people decide to buy extended warranty or cell phone insurance,or not.

This is why we have car insurance-the cost of buying a replacement car for not only ourselves,but another person in case we were at-fault is extremely high.

While manufacturers provide a limited warranty,retail outlets offer more coverage on an extended warranty or cell phone insurance.If you hesitate at the register and decide that you should have signed up for an extended warranty,then find into some third-party warranty providers.As long as it is within a certain purchase period,many will still sell you an extended warranty or cell phone insurance coverage,to help you relax next time the neighbor's kids come screaming through your stuff.

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