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by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
In the entire mobile phone industry, Samsung is the only manufacturer with a full industrial chain production capacity. Its key components, such as screens, memory, processors and cameras, can not only be self-sufficient, but can also be sold to other mobile phone manufacturers. Because of the advantages of the upstream industry chain, each generation of Samsung's flagship phones can become the industry's vane.  SamsungGalaxyNote20 series is recognized by the Android mobile phone circle. In addition to having the industry's top hardware configuration, it also further strengthens its own production characteristics and audio-visual experience, and connects the Galaxy ecosystem.   Whether it is learning, watching videos, or playing games, it is necessary to use the mobile phone screen, which is an important human-computer interaction interface. Relevant data shows that most users look at the mobile phone screen for more than 5 hours a day. With such high frequency use, a good mobile phone screen is particularly important.  The screen quality of ordinary flagship mobile phones is generally not too bad, but if you want to compare carefully, you can also distinguish between the superior and the inferior. By 2020, the upstream supply chain technology will become more and more mature. The advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone screens are no longer distinguished solely by resolution and brightness. High refresh rate technology has become a new watershed for mobile phones.   The refresh rate is the number of times that the image on the screen is repeatedly scanned from top to bottom. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the displayed picture. At present, most mobile phones on the market have screens around 60Hz, but this year's high refresh rate mobile phones have added fuel to the fire, which also makes manufacturers have to upgrade.   Samsung AMOLED screen is considered the best screen recognized in the industry. Apple iPhone needs to rely on Samsung to provide the screen every year, and most domestic mobile phone manufacturers are no exception. Generally speaking, Samsung's high-end screens will be used for their own sons first.   This is the first time that Samsung GalaxyNote20Ultra5G is equipped with a second-generation dynamic AMOLED screen, which supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, a resolution of 3088x1440, and a maximum brightness of 1500nm. Brightness and color have reached the highest level in the industry. The screen of this computer has added real-time changing refresh rate technology. It can refresh at a very low refresh rate at 1Hz. When the user reads black and white static text, it maintains the 11Hz energy-saving mode. When the user watches 24 frames of movie format video At the same time, it can synchronize the 24Hz screen, and when playing a large 3D game, it can maximize the 120Hz refresh rate.   At present, only these three stars can support 120Hz high refresh rate + high resolution screen at the same time, and can achieve mass production and supply of large area. Of course, technology will not stop progressing. The 120Hz refresh rate screen is also a part of the development of mobile phone screens, but Samsung's continuous Ru0026D investment can consolidate its leading position in the industry. Its best performance is the textbook screen quality of the GalaxyNote20Ultra5G.   Qualcomm 865Plus processor gaming performance is fully released.   An excellent screen can make the eyes feel more comfortable, but the core that supports all experiences requires a powerful processor. SamsungGalaxyNote20Ultra5G is equipped with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865Plus processor, which is currently the most powerful processor in Qualcomm mobile phones.   Nowadays, there are very few mobile phones equipped with Snapdragon 865Plus processors, most of which are e-sports phones, while Samsung Galaxy Note20 series are flagship phones of positioning type. In addition, this model is equipped with up to 12GBLPDDR5 storage + up to 512GBUFS3.1 flash memory. The hardware is piled up like a mountain, and there are not many flagship machines on the market.   'Peace Elite' actually played, set the game image quality to HDR high-definition and extreme frame rate, through PerfDog recorded frame rate display, Samsung GalaxyNote20Ultra5G maintained at about 60 frames.   Compared with ordinary 60Hz screen mobile phones, the 120Hz ultra-high refresh speed makes the game screen less dragging, smoother, and brings a higher frame rate game experience. In addition, the dual speakers are equipped with stereo sound and the sound quality of Samsung AKG, so that the chicken game can be heard and the game is more immersive.   Only powerful performance is not enough, mobile phone temperature control is also important. After 30 minutes of testing, the highest temperature on the back of the fuselage was 38.4°C, and there was no hot feeling. The liquid cooling system played an important role.   The game experience of the hardware configuration cannot be simply listed, and the optimization of the game function of the system is also very important. Samsung’s game acceleration engine is further optimized to support game modes such as Do Not Disturb, so that the game will not be disturbed. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series has also obtained the double five-star certification from Tell Labs for high performance and endurance of games. Based on the Snapdragon 865Plus processor, the audio-visual entertainment experience of this model fully meets the needs of game enthusiasts.
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