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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-29
According to the scope of application, the protective film can be applied to the following areas: metal product surface, coated metal product surface, plastic product surface, automobile product surface, electronic product surface, sign product surface, profile product surface, and other product surfaces. The detailed description of the above application areas is as follows: Metal product surface: A series of protective film products are tailored for the surface protection of metal products to ensure that the metal products are not damaged during production, processing, installation and transportation. We pay extensive attention to product applications such as architectural decoration, elevators, home appliances, kitchenware, electronic components and stamping, lampshades and telecommunication cabinets, and provide professional surface protection solutions to reduce the production cost of metal products. Specifications: black and white, 70μm, medium-viscosity PE stainless steel construction and decoration moisture-proof and weather-resistant, anti-ultraviolet black-and-white, 70μm, medium-viscosity PE stainless steel elevator has excellent weather resistance, and is suitable for heavy processing to protect the blue color, 60μm, low-viscosity PE stainless steel home appliances easy to peel characteristics , Especially suitable for the protection of bright surfaces. Black and white, 70μm, high-viscosity PE stainless steel kitchen utensils are suitable for deep drawing process protection, leaving no residual glue blue, 50μm, low-viscosity PE aluminum alloy electronic components, fewer crystal points and particles, easy to peel characteristics The backlit aluminum frame is blue, 50μm, micro-adhesive PE mirror surface aluminum lampshade has less crystal points and particles, easy to peel off characteristics, black and white, 70μm, high-viscosity PE galvanized steel sheet telecom cabinet special glue formula, especially suitable for heavy processing to protect black and white, 80μm, Special glue formula for special high-viscosity PE cold-rolled steel sheet metal stamping, used for oily surfaces to protect the surface of coated metal products: provides a comprehensive surface protection solution for coated metal products, especially for home appliances PCM and VCM products. It also provides a new type of self-adhesive film for part of the high-gloss coating surface and cabin board. At the same time, we also provide printed composite protective film for surface protection of coated ceilings and aluminum-plastic composite panels. Specifications: Transparent, 50μm, medium-stick PE color steel plate for construction workshops Crystal dots and particles, beautiful and transparent appearance, 50μm, micro-adhesive PE VCM/ECM household appliances door panels with few crystal dots and particles, beautiful and transparent, 70μm, self-adhesive film PO VCM cabin board suitable for thermal composite film, no risk of residual glue transparent, 50μm, medium-viscosity PE-coated aluminum ceiling printing composite protective film, no ink residue, transparent, 70μm, high-viscosity PE-coated aluminum aluminum-plastic composite plate printing protective film, weather-resistant and moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet transparent, 70μm, extra-high-viscosity PE PVDF aluminum Veneer building curtain wall is weather-proof and moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet transparent, 50μm, medium-adhesive PE sprayed steel elevator door panel is weather-proof and moisture-proof, and is not easy to residue. Plastic product surface: Many new self-adhesive films are designed, which are not only suitable for plastic products in blister and thermoforming, etc. Perfect protection of the process, and has a certain cost advantage. Specifications: transparent, 50μm, micro-adhesive PE PMMA/PC/PVC billboards/signs have stable viscosity, easy to peel off Transparent, 40μm, micro-adhesive PE PVC/PC/PET furniture panel/electronic film glue stable, good plastic absorption effect, transparent, 40μm , Self-adhesive film PE PC PC sunshine board weatherproof and moisture-proof, economical protective film is transparent, 70μm, self-adhesive film PE PMMA bathtub is suitable for vacuum blister processing, transparent, 40μm, self-adhesive film PE PC/PET label/blister shell is suitable for simple processing, transparent, 50μm , Low-viscosity PE ABS/PC plastic shell has stable viscosity, easy to peel off Transparent, 60μm, low-viscosity PET PET/PC/PMMA mobile phone LENS High temperature resistance, suitable for thermoforming process protection fog, 50μm, low-viscosity PP PET/PC/PMMA Mobile phone LENS is resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for hot pressing to protect the surface of automotive products: to provide a comprehensive surface protection solution for the automotive industry. We pay attention to every detail of automobile manufacturing, from car body to car carpet, car lamp, window trim, instrument panel and interior parts, etc., are inseparable from our perfect protection. Specifications: Transparent, 50μm, low-viscosity PE PC/ABS and other automobile lamp glues are stable, non-fogging, not easy to residue. Transparent, 50μm, low-viscosity PE PC/ABS and other automobile lamps have very stable viscosity, no glue residue, no Fog transparent, 35μm, low-viscosity PO PC/ABS and other high-strength modified substrates for automobile lights, no glue residue, no fog, anti-ultraviolet transparent, 70μm, ultra-high-viscosity PE car carpets, nylon and other car carpets ultra-high viscosity , Stable glue, transparent with less dripping phenomenon, 70μm, ultra-high viscosity PE car carpet, nylon and other automotive carpet printing films, ultra-high viscosity, stable glue, less dripping phenomenon, blue, 60μm, medium viscosity PE, stainless steel automotive window trim Special glue, especially suitable for process protection. Transparent, 50μm, low-viscosity PE ABS/PMMA car instrument shell has good laminating properties, suitable for the protection of curved shells. Transparent, 60μm, ultra-high viscosity PE ABS/PA automotive interior parts Viscosity, the glue is stable and transparent, 40μm, micro-adhesive PE ABS The viscosity of the car bumper is very stable, no glue residue, no fogging. Electronic product surface: We are committed to becoming an expert in the surface protection of electronic products. In view of the different manufacturing characteristics of mobile phones, computer shells and other products, we provide protective film products with high cleanliness, beautiful appearance and different substrates. Specifications: blue, 50μm, low-viscosity PE plastic screen printing mobile phone keys have stable viscosity, not easy to residue transparent, 50μm, low-viscosity PE metal surface mobile phone key shrapnel has stable viscosity, no glue residue, no haze blue, 50μm, low-viscosity PE The surface of the plastic silk-screen keyboard has stable viscosity and is not easy to leave glue
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