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Electrostatic protective film, Shenzhen mobile phone screen film factory

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-29
The effect of electrostatic protective film on mobile phone screen film 90 ultra-high light transmittance. The screen picture is naturally rendered without distortion, making the image brighter and brighter. It can dissipate more than 99.7% of the screen's trace radiation and protect your health! Advanced Anti-glare low-reflective optical precision coating. Can block 99.7% of glare, clear vision without glare. The entire series of screen protective films adopts an excellent thickness of 0.25mm, which is naturally integrated with the screen, giving consideration to lightness and protection. Excellent anti-glare mirror surface treatment can eliminate 99% of glare and flash, and prevent the reflection of external light sources. Adopting Japanese new technology, electrostatic adsorption. It is simple and convenient to use, and there is no phenomenon that the general protective paste is easy to deform and peel off at room temperature. Super anti-fouling and body-resistant treatment. It can effectively prevent dust and oil. 4H lens has excellent hardness. It can prevent scratches and impacts on weekdays, and effectively protect the LCD screen. LCD screen protective films are now not limited to protecting LCD screens. As functional protective films enter the market, more fashionable and practical factors have been added, such as matte film, mirror film, privacy film, AR film and radiation protection. Protective film, etc., these are built on the basis of the initial anti-scratch, through a special process to add special materials to make it have more functions. Some symptoms caused by long-term use of the computer are also increasing: such as vision loss, rough skin, etc.
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