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Easy-to-use protective film for Apple iphone4 brand mobile phone-Guangzhou protective film material manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-07
The crystal film for the screen is the kind with glue on the front and back. Generally, the lension film is three layers and the other two layers are protective film layers. The middle layer is really used; if the mobile phone protective film is filmed, just stick the liquid crystal surface. The other parts are armed with protective sleeves. It’s a little more practical. I don’t recommend that you protect all parts of the phone with a film, so that the heat of the phone will not be dissipated, which will cause the film to heat up too much and cause qualitative changes. There are many indecent appearances of the machine. Matte film: The material is a matte film material. Anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil stain Effective protection of eyesight, convenient cleaning and effective protection of touch abrasion or hard object scratches on the LCD screen when using mobile phones, better than transparent stickers Touch sensitivity. On the other hand, when we use mobile phones for a long time, our eyes are not easy to be tired and dry, and our eyesight tends to decrease. The frosted film greatly reduces the damage to the eyes caused by the rays of the liquid crystal LED light source; currently, the best-selling lention brand in the market Yes, there are different options for different types of needs, and there are also package versions.
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